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Selling Property

Yvonne's Service Commitment

A realtor who saves you money, time, headache and heartache.

A realtor who prevents you from overlooking blind spots, making costly mistakes and not getting the best deal.

I believe in empowering my clients with all the advice and knowledge for them to make the right decision, no sugar coating, just the cold hard truth that they deserve to know and not be short-changed.

I am the safeguard in place for my clients to make the right call as I am not afraid to reject a bad offer or break a deal if it is not suitable for my client.

I put in 100% resources when representing my clients because I only do it on an exclusive basis, thus it leaves ZERO room for error & failure on my end.

A Detailed Consultation Before Selling

There are various reasons why owners sell their property, whether it is for own stay or investment.

Some of the more common reasons for selling are listed below:

Upgrading - Selling HDB to upgrade to EC/Condo, EC/Condo to Landed

Right Sizing - Selling to right size to bigger unit as family growing or to smaller unit as retiring with children moving out

Asset Progression - Selling HDB/EC/Condo and decoupling with husband and wife buying Condo, Landed in their individual names

Capital Gain Realisation - Realising profits from investment property(s)

Consolidation - Selling investment property(s) to buy into other property/investments

Migration - Selling as family migrating overseas

Relocating - Selling to buy new home that is close to parents, school, office and amenities

PR / Foreigner - Selling to return home

In all of the above and other reasons, Yvonne's first priority is to go through with you on the important considerations before selling. This forms part of her commitment and sincerity to clients, as she believes that clients must know all their options before making a decision to sell.


What Happens After Deciding To Sell

Once the decision to sell has been finalised, she will advice on the highest price range that the property can be marketed for. The pricing is derived from Yvonne's analysis and research, that is supported by digital analytics and resources, together with the current market sentiment.

With the sale price range identified, Yvonne will reach and impress potential buyers with her marketing strategies and techniques. Through engaging with the buyers with integrity and professionalism, she will ensure that the best possible price is achieved for the sale.

Before, during and after the sale of the property, Yvonne will be working in the background to ensure a smooth and swift property sales transaction for you. This process involves administrative tasks, documents verification, checking on the eligibility to sell, loan prepayment penalty, conveyancing and other pertinent matters.



Home Staging to Enhance the Property's Appeal

Prior to the commencement of the marketing phase, Yvonne will observe your property and stage it to bring out the property's best features. 

This process involves planning, cleaning, decluttering, painting and enhancing the property with the ideal furniture and fittings.

With the staging complete, the property is ready to be marketed through various mediums.




Interior Photography


After the staging of the property, Yvonne will arrange for a professional interior photography session. These photographs will be taken strategically to bring out the best of the property.

Thereafter, these photos are assets that can be used to market the property online and on social media platforms.


Videos to Bring the Property to Life

Going the extra mile for clients, Yvonne conducts and hosts home tour videos to market her clients' properties.

Property home tour videos are a more efficient way to reach out to audiences. These videos result in serious buyers contacting Yvonne about the property, hence, saving resources and time.


Conducting Open House By Bringing Highly Qualified Buyers 

When potential buyers have contacted Yvonne, she will qualify and arrange for the buyers, who qualify and are ready, to view on a particular day, which she labels as open house.

During an open house, Yvonne would arrange for all the serious buyers to view the property, where she usually  is able to secure an offer to purchase the property. Hence, closing a transaction conveniently and swiftly.


Marketing on Major Property Portals in Singapore To Maximize Digital Outreach

Yvonne leverages on the major property portals like PropertyGuru,, EdgeProp and SRX to create awareness and market her clients' properties. 

Together with her digital assets that are the professional photographs of the staged property and the home tour video, the property is listed on the major property portals. 

Usually, here is strong interest from the viewers of the major property portals and Yvonne qualifies them before arranging an open house for the viewing of the property.


Achieving High Selling Prices Fast

When selling a property, owners would like the property to be sold at the highest property price and for the transaction to be completed swiftly. In order to achieve this, a realtor needs to have creative and sound marketing strategies, together with strong negotiation skills and solid knowledge on processes.

This is exactly what Yvonne achieves for her clients, by using her creativity, knowledge and skills, supported by her experience and network. Her commitment to her clients is to market and sell their property at the highest possible price and as fast as possible. This commitment is substantiated by her track records. 

Client's Testimonial


“Miss Yvonne Lim has been my realtor since 2018. As my realtor, she is thoughtful and constantly puts my interests as priority. She provides sound advice and is very patient to go the long haul to ensure that my needs are met. Further, she is relentless in matching the perfect tenants to my investment properties.

I highly recommend Ms Yvonne Lim to anyone who needs a professional and effective realtor."

Mr Ho

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