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Personal Coaching Programme

You can be sure to go through accelerated learning through handheld trainings and on-the-ground exposure

Programme Overview


Enhanced theories & techniques

Soft Skills

Prospecting Scripts

Presentation Kits

Programme Schedule

Please feel free to enquire directly with Yvonne

New RES looking to gain a strong foothold to start

Polish Experienced realtor's skills and activities

Never been shared before secrets and daily habits of a constant achiever

Reassess mindset and build discipline

Achieve consistent work-flow & leads generation

Multiple Frameworks for prospecting diversified leads

Role Playing with Scripts & Presentation Kits

Grasp absolute mastery over real estate calculations


Meet Your Coach

Yvonne is a strong believer of mentoring and nurturing aspiring realtors. From her experience in the real estate industry, she knows that it is important for new and experienced realtors to have a mentor, as real estate can be a lonely business, which requires constant support.

In addition to her mentoring, she has developed a comprehensive training program to empower realtors in her team to be ready to achieve success in their real estate careers.

With a combination of mindset development, purposeful training and constant mentoring, Yvonne strongly believes her team members will break barriers and continue to shine as an outstanding realtor.

Agent's Testimonial


“Yvonne has been a very detailed and professional trainer and she has boosted my confidence to speak up with sellers and buyers in a professional tactical way. Her presentation and sales kits training sharing are very practical and useful. She changes my mindset from a ‘receptive’ agent to a ‘professionally aggressive’ 2% agent. Thank you Yvonne 😊🙏”

Eileen Soh

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