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Meet Yvonne Lime

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Refreshing. Lively. Creative.

During your first interaction with Yvonne, you can sense her cheerful and zesty personality. It is with this personality that she builds rapport and comfortably connects with people from all walks of life.

The refreshing energy that she depicts are consistent in all her interactions with clients and her team. While engaging Yvonne, you can feel her sincerity to give her best to help clients.

Together with a wealth of experience and knowledge, that has been amassed over 10 years in the real estate industry, she provides clients with holistic and viable solutions for their real estate matters.

Embracing and Supporting
the LGBT Community Professionally

Yvonne actively participates in events and initiatives that are organised by the LGBT community. Besides volunteering, she also goes the extra mile to host workshops.

One such workshop that she hosted was the LGBTQIA+ at the PropNex office. This workshop was specially created to cater to the LGBT community, where Yvonne and Pearly empowered the audience with specific real estate knowledge.

Breaking Barriers - Hunger, Passion and Purpose

Consistently breaking barriers is part of Yvonne's challenge to continue growing and to achieve breakthroughs, both personally and in her real estate business.

Yvonne inspires aspiring realtors with the mantra of seeking growth and challenging oneself to achieve their breakthrough with Hunger, Passion and Purpose.

These 3 elements are crucial for a realtor to work towards achieving their success, both personally and professionally.


Nurturing The Next Generation of Realtors To Achieve Success

Yvonne is a strong believer of mentoring and nurturing aspiring realtors. From her experience in the real estate industry, she knows that it is important for new and experienced realtors to have a mentor, as real estate can be a lonely business, which requires constant support. In addition to her mentoring, she has developed a comprehensive training program to empower realtors in her team to be ready to achieve success in their real estate careers. With a combination of mindset development, purposeful training and constant mentoring, Yvonne strongly believes her team members will break barriers and continue to shine as an outstanding realtor.


Trusted by Clients, Recognised by Company

As Yvonne believes in providing service and value to her clients, she has earned their support and trust. Over the years, there has been a constant stream of referrals who have engaged Yvonne for her honest and unbiased advice, which is in addition to her care for her clients.

Besides clients, the management team has constantly praised and recognised her efforts to bringing quality and reliable service to clients. Yvonne has received many different awards in her career from Top Producer to Top Exclusive Lister awards, to name a few. 

The fact that she receives these recognitions consistently is a clear indication of her stellar performance over the years. In turn, this reiterates that her formula for real estate success is current, dynamic and rock solid.

A Recognised Mentor by Many

In addition to receiving awards for her stellar sales performance, Yvonne has been recognised for her rapidly growing team. She has been receiving monthly and quarterly Top Recruiter awards from the management.

With her mentoring and nurturing attributes, together with an excellent training programme, many experienced and new realtors are eager to come onboard the team.

Through Yvonne's leadership, realtors will be empowered to achieve sales milestones, as well as to build their own successful team.

An Avid Reader Who Loves To Broaden Her Horizon 

Reading is a hobby and passion for Yvonne, who has been reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books since childhood. While her peers were buying toys, Yvonne asked to buy books and go to the library frequently. Some of these books were being read by those much older than her.

Today, with her penchant for reading and gaining knowledge, she enjoys discovering and learning about negotiation, sales and management styles. Thus, she applies this knowledge into her real estate business, which empowers her to be an admirable leader and negotiate the best deal for her clients.

Client's Testimonial


“Miss Yvonne Lim has been my realtor since 2018. As my realtor, she is thoughtful and constantly puts my interests as priority. She provides sound advice and is very patient to go the long haul to ensure that my needs are met. Further, she is relentless in matching the perfect tenants to my investment properties.

I highly recommend Ms Yvonne Lim to anyone who needs a professional and effective realtor."

Mr Ho

Agent's Testimonial


“Yvonne has been a very detailed and professional trainer and she has boosted my confidence to speak up with sellers and buyers in a professional tactical way. Her presentation and sales kits training sharing are very practical and useful. She changes my mindset from a ‘receptive’ agent to a ‘professionally aggressive’ 2% agent. Thank you Yvonne 😊🙏”

Eileen Soh

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