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During your first interaction with Yvonne, you can sense her cheerful and zesty personality. It is with this personality that she builds rapport and comfortably connects with people from all walks of life.

The refreshing energy that she depicts are consistent in all her interactions with clients and her team. While engaging Yvonne, you can feel her sincerity to give her best to help clients.

Together with a wealth of experience and knowledge, that has been amassed over 10 years in the real estate industry, she provides clients with holistic and viable solutions for their real estate matters.

Refreshing. Lively. Creative.

Embracing and Supporting
the LGBT Community Professionally

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Yvonne actively participates in events and initiatives that are organised by the LGBT community. Besides volunteering, she also goes the extra mile to host workshops.

One such workshop that she hosted was the LGBTQIA+ at the PropNex office. This workshop was specially created to cater to the LGBT community, where Yvonne and Pearly empowered the audience with specific real estate knowledge.

Marketing Your Property to Achieve its Highest Potential

When selling a property, owners would like the property to be sold at the highest property price and for the transaction to be completed swiftly. In order to achieve this, a realtor needs to have creative and sound marketing strategies, together with strong negotiation skills and solid knowledge on processes.

This is exactly what Yvonne achieves for her clients, by using her creativity, knowledge and skills, supported by her experience and network. Her commitment to her clients is to market and sell their property at the highest possible price and as fast as possible.

Buy/Invest in Properties to Grow Your Wealth 

Yvonne's highly curated methodology has assisted many clients to enjoy Capital Appreciation and Monthly Passive Income through their real estate.

To assist clients better, Yvonne uses a holistic approach to spot properties with positive ROIs. 

Some of the topics covered with Yvonne's dedicated consultation includes: 

Cash-flow and Loan Assessment

Risk Analysis for Market Entry

Research and Data

Pitfalls to avoid when buying a home

Conditions to consider before the purchase



A Dedicated Mentor to Grow and Nurture Like-minded Individuals in their Real Estate Career

Yvonne is a strong believer of mentoring and nurturing aspiring realtors. From her experience in the real estate industry, she knows that it is important for new and experienced realtors to have a mentor, as real estate can be a lonely business, which requires constant support.

In addition to her mentoring, she has developed a comprehensive training program to empower realtors in her team to be ready to achieve success in their real estate careers.

With a combination of mindset development, purposeful training and constant mentoring, Yvonne strongly believes her team members will break barriers and continue to shine as an outstanding realtor.


Through the programme, you will be enabled to reassess your mindset and construct the discipline to overcome the challenges as a self-employed professional, so as to prospect confidently and generate constant flow of leads. 

to Build a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Journey 




with our signature personal training coaching programme "ACTIVATE"

Using our signature personal coaching programme "Activate", you can be sure to go through accelerated learning through curated hand holding trainings. Master the skills and strategies from prospecting to negotiation and completion efficiently. 

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The goal of our #OTG session is to provide instruction and practice opportunity so that our team members can develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform the prospecting task effectively.

with our #OnTheGround Door Knock Sessions at HDB Hotspots Islandwide



Client's Testimonial


“Miss Yvonne Lim has been my realtor since 2018. As my realtor, she is thoughtful and constantly puts my interests as priority. She provides sound advice and is very patient to go the long haul to ensure that my needs are met. Further, she is relentless in matching the perfect tenants to my investment properties.

I highly recommend Ms Yvonne Lim to anyone who needs a professional and effective realtor."

Mr Ho

Agent's Testimonial


“Yvonne has been a very detailed and professional trainer and she has boosted my confidence to speak up with sellers and buyers in a professional tactical way. Her presentation and sales kits training sharing are very practical and useful. She changes my mindset from a ‘receptive’ agent to a ‘professionally aggressive’ 2% agent. Thank you Yvonne 😊🙏”

Eileen Soh

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