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Buying &

Investing Property

Yvonne's Service Commitment

A realtor with your best interests at heart.

Always looking out for the best deal that meets your needs and goals.

Sharing my experience, knowledge and strategies to safeguard your real estate purchase.

I will go through all the considerations that you need to know.

I strive to go the extra mile for you with aggressive negotiating to secure the best deal.

Always looking forward to see your loved ones and you settled in happily.

A Detailed Consultation Before Buying / Investing

Generally, people purchase property(s) either for own stay or for investment.

Some of the more common reasons for buying are listed below:

First Time Buyers - Couples and families looking to purchase their first family home

Individuals - Looking to buy investment property(s) with capital gain potential or good rental yield

LGBT/Singles - Looking to purchase their own home

Upsizing - Upgrade to a bigger unit as family grows

Decoupling - Husband and wife buying Condo/Landed individually, one for own stay and one for investment

Upgrading - Buying to upgrade to EC/Condo or EC/Condo to Landed

Right Upsizing - Buying a smaller unit as retiring and cashing out

Diversification - Buying investment property(s) to diversify investment portfolio

PR / Foreigner - Buying a home or investment property(s) in Singapore

#InvestmentMatrix - Multiple prong investment strategy that proves to be resilient in a volatile market

In all of the above and other reasons, Yvonne will connect with potential buyers during the first consultation, to understand their real estate needs and objectives. Thereafter, she will provide them with honest and sincere advice. The consultation will provide potential buyers with a clear direction on their real estate matters.

Gain Clarity on the Potential in the different types of property during the consultation with Yvonne 


Executive Condominium

Private Condominium

Landed Properties


Cashflow &
Loan Assessment 

Assessing one's finances before purchasing a property is of utmost importance. With property being one of our largest purchases in our lifetime, analysing and planning our finances is crucial. If we fail to plan carefully or overstretch ourselves, the results can be detrimental to the lives of our loved ones and us.

Hence, Yvonne places much importance on consulting her clients on their current and future cashflow, while keeping in mind, planned and contingent financing requirements. After this has been determined, she will proceed to work out the optimal loan amount that a client should undertake, considering their finances and the interest rate environment.

Risk Analysis for Market Entry

Analysing and assessing the risks for purchasing a property is part of Yvonne's additional service to clients. It is important for property buyers to note and understand any current and future market risks. The risks are related to changes in the economy, interest rates, market sentiments, potential cooling measures and other factors.

Yvonne's risk analysis is derived from a variety of credible sources, together with her well informed input. Clients will have a clear picture of the real estate market prior to making a decision to purchase a property whether for own stay or investment. In this way, sound decisions on real estate, which is a considerable financial commitment, are supported with detailed risk analysis and assessment.

Research & Data
To Determine
The Best Purchase

As part of Yvonne's holistic solution to buyers, she will share detailed research and data concerning the shortlisted properties that clients are keen on purchasing. This research is extracted from property portals and in-house research.

The research information and data is collated and presented to buyers in a concise and relevant manner. Thus, buyers have awareness of the finer details of a property. For example, which stack in a new launch development offers the best potential capital appreciation opportunity can be determined through the customised research.

Viewing Arrangements

After the completion of the personalised financial consultation, market risks assessment and detailed research of shortlisted properties, the next step in completing the transaction process is to conduct physical and virtual viewings.

Ideally, virtual viewing to further shortlist properties is an efficient manner to save resources and time for buyers. Thereafter, Yvonne will work with her clients to organise physical viewings of properties. To go the extra mile, she arranges the viewings to cater to any externalities that a particular property might be affected by. For example, if a property is near the expressway, she will arrange the viewing during peak periods, so that the effect of the traffic can be monitored.

Dedicated Service Throughout the Process & Professional Negotiation

Upon a buyers selection of a property, Yvonne will negotiate for the best possible price and terms for her clients. This involves her professional negotiation skills, where she uses pertinent points to negotiate for a better deal. 

In addition, she keeps her clients constantly updated on the negotiations and the timelines of the transaction. In this way, clients are well informed and prepared for their property purchase.


Staying True To Her Service Commitment 

Over the years, Yvonne has helped many buyers with the purchase of properties for own stay and investment. Home buyers had their dream home wishes fulfilled and investors  have enjoyed capital gains and rental yields on their properties. 

 Many of the buyers are very grateful for Yvonne's dedicated and genuine service, as she keeps them abreast of the real estate market on a regular basis. They have become her ambassadors, as they refer their family, friends and colleagues to her, knowing well that the referees will enjoy the same level of dedication and support. 

Client's Testimonial


“Miss Yvonne Lim has been my realtor since 2018. As my realtor, she is thoughtful and constantly puts my interests as priority. She provides sound advice and is very patient to go the long haul to ensure that my needs are met. Further, she is relentless in matching the perfect tenants to my investment properties.

I highly recommend Ms Yvonne Lim to anyone who needs a professional and effective realtor."

Mr Ho

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